“A big business starts small.”
- Richard Branson

Small businesses matter to our community and NimbusMark has found a way to connect more good people with good service providers in their local areas.

Through NimbusMark campaigns, high-impact marketing and promotion aren’t just for big corporations anymore.

Small Biz Stats: Small Businesses Have a BIG Impact.

A business that has under $7 million in sales and fewer than 500 employees is considered to be small business.
The SBA estimates 30.7 million small businesses in operation.
The SBA estimates that about 99.9% of businesses are small businesses in our country.
A little over 8 million of these businesses are minority owned.

Our Story

For small businesses to thrive, they must have consistent leads and visibility. It is common knowledge that full-page advertisements, bus campaigns, billboards, radio ads, and other traditional marketing options are the way to reach a lot of people quickly and frequently. But these types of media placements are pricey with a single full-page ad starting around $2,700 and running as high as $163,000 depending on the publication (Source).

Most businesses are small businesses, so why is traditional advertising so unaffordable?

Seems unfair because it is it.

As entrepreneurs, we have questioned the prohibitive pricing of marketing and created the NimbusMark products as the small business advertising solution. After mapping out what cooperative marketing could be for small businesses, we researched the topic and then negotiated the issue with media providers. We then created NimbusMark’s custom curated AI technology driven packages for small businesses in the same industry with a shared audience at a lower price point. At a flat rate, our yearly campaigns create generate local leads and make marketing a small business dramatically easier for our members.

Our Mission

NimbusMark is a national marketing and advertising agency. Our mission is simple – support the health of local and small businesses through cooperative marketing campaigns at an affordable price point.

Our Commitments

  • Committed to small businesses. We provide promotional products that level the playing field for small business entrepreneurs in many industries through strategic and cost-effective promotional offerings. What was once outside of their budget is now within reach.
  • Committed to innovation. We continually question marketing norms and pricing, looking for ways to innovate for the benefit of our small business members. We bring unprecedented opportunities to our members, saving them time and money.
  • Committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We believe that small businesses come in all shapes and sizes and reflect the diversity of their owners. We actively support small businesses that are owned by minority communities including women, LGBTQ, ethnic minorities, religious commitments, veterans, and differently abled people.




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