An Intro to Small Business Advertising: The Power of Print Advertising

An Intro to Small Business Advertising: The Power of Print Advertising

We know what you might be thinking: Why, in a technology-focused world where many of us cannot be too far away from a connected device for too long, are we discussing print advertising? Well, the fact of the matter is that print is far from over, and businesses who choose to integrate print advertising into their overall marketing strategy are opening themselves up to the possibility of markedly increasing their reach and response rates.


What is Print Advertising?

Advertising your small business in printed publications, including newspapers and magazines, can be an incredibly effective way to connect with your audience. Not only can you connect with specific demographics by advertising in local publications or in publications that are designed for trade and specialist audiences, but you can also choose to put your business in front of a wider audience by advertising in general interest and national publications.


Tap into the “Unplugging” Trend with your Small Business Advertising Strategy 

Although we indeed find ourselves becoming increasingly reliant on technology, the popularity of taking time away from our screens and “unplugging” is also on the rise. When we take the time to step away from the digital world, whether it is for half an hour or an entire weekend, we often gravitate toward print media. Ensuring you maintain both a digital and a print media presence will give your business the best chance to connect with every facet of your ideal audience. 

 Additionally, when we are mindfully taking time away from our screens and engaging with print media, we are less likely to be multitasking, which means that your advertisement is more likely to have the full attention of your audience.

How the Memorability Factor of Print Will Boost your Business

Print advertising is highly flexible and allows you to select which section of a magazine or newspaper you want your business to appear and how large you want your advertisement. Full-page advertisements are immediately attention-grabbing, and when they have been well-designed and carefully positioned, they can be highly memorable.

Research suggests that more than 60% of print publication readers will act after engaging with a print advertisement. If you can ensure that your messaging is noteworthy enough that readers who might not act immediately remember to do so in the future, you could see your engagement rates soar. You can introduce a measurable element here in several ways, including incorporating a QR code or other similarly interactive features that will connect the digital and print arms of your more comprehensive advertising strategy. 


We know that the most successful advertising campaigns are memorable, reach their target audience, communicate a message, prompt action, and print media is uniquely placed to help your campaign hit the mark on each one of these core steps.


Align Your Advertisements with Trusted Content

 Print publications consistently deliver reliable, credible, and high-quality content to their audiences. By aligning your brand with this type of content, you can leverage the trustworthiness of the publications where you choose to advertise. Brands who place ads in print publications that are widely respected will be met with the same feelings of positivity audiences associate with the publication; this is known as “the halo effect.” As we all know, if you can demonstrate to your audience that your brand is credible, you will find it easier to generate those all-important leads and sales. 

 When it comes to developing your small business advertising strategy, partnering with a professional team can help you devise and implement an approach that will drive tangible results and contribute to meaningful growth. Arrange a consultation with us today to discover how NimbusMark products and services will benefit your small business.


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