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Commercial Real Estate Industry Promotion

The competition in the lucrative commercial real estate (CRE) industry is fierce, from real estate agents to brokerages and financial professionals to investors.

The CRE category of real estate is broad as it encompasses property that is used exclusively for business purposes. CRE can include single stand-alone buildings, shopping centers, apartment complexes, medical facilities, and more. CRE industry professionals continually change the commercial landscape by investing, developing, and selling new projects. They also help to manage, update, and lease existing real estate.

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The commercial real estate market in the US is worth about $893.2 billion.


NimbusMark Lead Generation for CRE

CRE marketing is a competitive space and requires aggressive lead generation to stay on top of the game and keep closing deals. For those that manage and update commercial real estate properties, the pressure is on to keep connected with the potential client market for referrals and new inquiries. As there are so many players in the commercial real estate industry and only so many opportunities, savvy CRE industry professionals develop an edge in lead generation through NimbusMark CRE products. NimbusMark CRE promotions maximize your exposure and help you stand out from all the noise.

Bring the power of millions and millions of impressions to your CRE business this year.

NimbusMark’s CRE Industry Cooperative Marketing Campaigns

CRE rests on the potent blend of industry experience and marketing expertise to provide top-notch lead generation to boost your small business’ marketing efforts. Working with the most prominent publications, radio stations, and outdoor signage companies, CRE’s collective campaigns are pre-negotiated, allowing you to connect with more leads at a reasonable price.

AI-Driven CRE Industry Promotions

NimbusMark’s CRE Industry cooperative campaigns rest on state-of-the-art technology to increase exposure to new leads for your company. Through access to larger promotional audiences and better marketing tools, NimbusMark’s CRE industry promotions improve your marketing dollars’ performance and drives your business forward.

NimbusMark’s CRE campaigns are a great fit for the following types of buildings and services:

CRE Professionals

Environmental Professionals
Financial Professionals
Insurance Professionals
Interior Designers
Lawyers and Law Firms
Leasing Agents
Real Estate Agents
Real Estate Consultants
Real Estate Counselors
Real Estate Sponsors

CRE Construction & Maintenance

General Contractors
Office Interiors
Property Managers

Accommodation & Hospitality

Extended Stay


Cold storage facilities
Flex industrial
Research and development facilities

OFFICE Buildings

Class A
Class B
Class C
Medical office buildings
Strip shopping centers
Single, stand-alone buildings

Special Purposes

Bowling alleys
Gas stations
Land sales
Mobile home parks
RV parks

Members Enjoy:

  • Streamlined lead generation and marketing for CRE industry businesses and professionals
  • Introductions to new markets
  • Local lead generation and more robust sales funnel
  • Round the clock, affordable marketing campaigns
  • AI-powered campaigns with trackable metrics provided through monthly analytic reports

CRE is incredibly competitive for small businesses. NimbusMark CRE’s small business campaigns can level the playing field and bring in more leads for your business this year. If you are looking for an easy way to boost your local promotion, complete the contact form below and set up a free 15-minute consultation today.


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