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How to Save Money on Small Business Advertising Costs

How to Save Money on Small Business Advertising Costs

Advertising often seems glamorous and exciting. We glorify agencies, award those who design noteworthy ads, and hear about massive returns on large campaigns. But for small businesses, advertising can be a huge investment without any guarantee of a return. For many business owners, the cost simply doesn’t seem justified.

We’re here to tell you that not only is advertising for your small business worth the cost, but that cost can be much lower than you expect. Drive sales with effective advertisements in your area without breaking the bank by evaluating your current marketing, targeting only your ideal customers, developing referral programs, engaging via social media, and joining a cooperative advertising campaign.

Evaluate Current Marketing

Marketing is a complex web of multiple strategies. Potential customers can hear about you through paid advertisements, word of mouth, vendor relationships, social media posts, and more. If specific tactics aren’t providing the ROI your business needs, take a hard look at which marketing activities generate leads and sales and which you can eliminate to reduce costs without impacting sales.

Build Referral Programs

Leverage your existing connections and loyal customers by building a referral program. Offer incentives for your customers to recommend your business through a rewards system or discounts. Develop a tracking mechanism to ensure those who recommend your company are appropriately rewarded, so they continue to spread the word about how excellent your products or services are.

Build Your Organic Social Media Audience

When used correctly, social media is a potent tool, and you can reach a broad audience by posting regularly and providing valuable content. Position your business and brand as an authority in your industry and give followers a reason to continue reading your content and engaging with your brand through valuable articles with a consistent brand voice and even business offers. Post regularly across your channels, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, and experiment with which offers the most customer engagement. 

Target Only Your Ideal Customers

If your small business is local, advertising to people outside your service radius won’t generate leads or sales. Targeting ads to your local area and your ideal customer can ensure you’re getting the most bang for your marketing buck. Optimize your website and digital campaigns to ensure the right people see your company’s offerings at the right time.

Join Cooperative Advertising Campaigns

The old adage that there is strength in numbers is true even in marketing. Cooperative advertising campaigns allow small businesses to compete. In essence, small companies cooperatively fund the campaign at a lower cost per business, allowing all involved to generate sales through the campaign. Cooperative advertising campaigns provide valuable leads and local visibility through innovative, expert-led campaigns that put unprecedented advertising opportunities within reach for small businesses.

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