Small Law Firms Provide Big Results.

Small Law Firms Provide Big Results.
You Know it and Everyone Else Should Too.


Cooperative Advertising for Small Law Firms

As a small law firm owner, you are in good company.

The majority of law firms in our country are solo and small. But most individuals and businesses are exposed to law firms that can afford to buy the ads that get attention such as full page advertisements and bus wraps.

For years, small law firms have been left out of the mix for good cases working with great people and companies because they have a smaller marketing budget.

NimbusMark’s marketing campaigns level the playing Field while saving you time and money.

Our small law firm members buy into cooperative marketing campaigns that have a big impact on their success. Our streamlined operations and pre-negotiated campaigns take the frustration out of law firm marketing. Every campaign impression counts toward increasing your brand awareness, promotion, and profit. Through the use of AI technology, the leads that come in from every campaign are directly routed to the law firm that paid for them.

What could 2,490,000 impressions per year do for your small law Firm?

It’s Time to Think Differently About Your Marketing

Most small law firms look at their operations including marketing and promotion on an individual level. But what if they came together in their messaging? What if they marketed collectively?

NimbusMark members save money on their marketing campaigns by collectively promoting themselves in shared campaigns to a shared audience. Working with the top publications, display advertisement companies, radio stations, and tv stations, our members compete against larger law firm marketing budgets and WIN.

Cost Effective Marketing Campaigns

One of the biggest challenges for small law firms is finding time to market their business. The average lawyer spends about 33% of their time on new client acquisition and we give them that time back. NimbusMark’s marketing campaigns are tailored to fit the budgets of small law firms and make promotion of their law firm easy.

With options for B2B and B2C practices, our members enjoy:

  • Uncomplicated law firm marketing and lead generation
  • More local leads into their sales funnel
  • Cost-effective marketing options that work 24/7 for them
  • Monthly analytics to track leads and campaign progress

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Our Small Law Firm Members are:

  • 100% Colorado owned
  • 100% Community centered law practices in B2B or B2C areas
  • 100% Dedicated to providing high quality legal services

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