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Using A Sales Funnel to Help Your Small Business

The Leads are at the Top - Why Sales Funnels Are Essential to Small Business Advertising Are you familiar with the concept ...
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The Value of Brand Impressions to a Small Business Advertising Strategy

Consumers are presented with thousands of different marketing messages every day. They are seeing them even when they don't think ...
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An Intro to Small Business Advertising: The Power of Print Advertising

An Intro to Small Business Advertising: The Power of Print Advertising We know what you might be thinking: Why, in ...
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Small Business Advertising 101: The Benefits of Brand Awareness for Small Businesses

Marketplaces are competitive spaces, and businesses need to ensure they stand out from the crowd to secure any form of ...
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Small Business Advertising: Local Marketing Tips

Small Business Advertising: Local Marketing Tips 2020 was challenging for many small businesses, and now is the perfect moment to ...
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Small Business Advertising 101: Why Marketing is an Investment and Not an Expense

As a small business owner, it might sometimes feel as though you are presented with a constant stream of expenses ...
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Small Business Advertising 101: The Advantages of Billboard Advertising

Although social media's proliferation might tempt you to invest your marketing budget solely into the digital arm of your strategy, ...
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small business budgets explained nimbusmark

Small Business Advertising Budgets Explained

We know that marketing has a direct impact on the profitability of your small business. Still, many small businesses fail ...
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Small Business Marketing and Advertising Solutions

Answers to common questions on NimbusMark products and offerings.

Leads can be more easily understood as potential customers or clients for your small business. Not all business leads are created equally. Good leads are more qualified, interested, and/or ready to make a purchase from you. NimbusMark campaigns use modern marketing tools and technology to generate GOOD LEADS for your business.
Targeted marketing is a promotion that is meant to connect your business with a particular group of potential clients, customers, industry, or audience. These market segments represent people or businesses that are more likely to buy your services or products on a local level. NimbusMark campaigns are aligned with the business development goals of small companies in a variety of industries. Through consistent messaging and branding, individuals and businesses are directed to NimbusMark members as their top choice for a local service provider.
NimbusMark has great options for business owners that want to reach other business owners. The blend of cooperative advertising that NimbusMark providers reaches B2B audiences through agreements with business centered publications and outlets that have an audience of C-Suite, local professionals, and other decision-makers. The cost of advertising in these publications has been substantially reduced to benefit the small business budget of NimbusMark members.
Put simply, cooperative marketing is when businesses that are owned separately market together to reach the same audience. The communication is shared, and so is the cost of the marketing effort. Cooperative marketing is not a new concept. Many businesses engage in cooperative marketing, and most people are familiar with direct mail campaigns in shared envelopes, big-box retailers like grocery stores use this technique to market multiple businesses at once through grocery circulars.
Cooperative advertisement is a shared advertisement between separately owned businesses. The advertising campaign participants benefit from the same message reaching a targeted audience to be distributed on behalf of all participants in a particular campaign. Small businesses reap the benefits of cooperative advertisement by connecting with more local leads while operating on a limited marketing budget.
NimbusMark curated campaigns for small businesses in specific industries to reach target audiences and utilize advertisement platforms that are otherwise out of reach for small companies, such as full-page advertisement and billboard signage. NimbusMark offers a variety of campaigns that small businesses can buy a slot in for a one-year term. The promotional platforms that will be utilized are decided in advance and with the message. NimbusMark members do not have to worry about graphic design or the text/content of their advertising as these collaborative promotional opportunities are created for them and seamlessly deployed.
NimbusMark has provided a simple to use calculator on our website to run the numbers for you. You can find the small business marketing calculator on our home page and feel free to contact one of our representatives to talk through the findings.
NimbusMark carefully created all campaigns to streamline the sales funnel for small businesses along with cutting costs. MMS texting is a smart and innovative way to reach people through their cell phones, making it easy and convenient for them to connect with your business.
NimbusMark carefully created all campaigns to streamline the sales funnel for small businesses along with cutting costs. MMS texting is a smart and innovative way to reach people through their cell phone making it easy and convenient for them to connect with your business.
A microsite is a single-page website used as a tool to promote products, services, and marketing campaigns.
NimbusMark uses microsites to direct leads to your business through MMS texting. The microsites are custom created for each campaign and meant to guide leads directly to the call to action for a specific campaign. NimbusMark campaigns have a minimalistic interface and are a targeted lead generator that links potential clients directly with your business all through their cell phones.
A microsite is a minimal website (sometimes just one page) that has a special goal. A microsite is different from a website which is a set of web pages that live under one domain on the internet.
Working with NimbusMark is simple and easy. The available campaigns are outlined on the home page. If your small business is a service provider in one of these industries, please contact us to see how we can help you bring in more leads today!
Small businesses that join NimbusMark campaigns save money by collectively promoting their business alongside other companies that serve the same audience or industry. NimbusMark works with the top advertisers to develop streamlined campaigns that are laser-focused on selling products and services to specific industries and audiences.
When it comes to developing trust and loyalty on behalf of small businesses, consistency is vital. NimbusMark’s campaigns run for 12 calendar months to ensure that the audience you would like to reach is being exposed to a consistent core message supplemented with easily identifiable visual branding. We have made brand consistency easy for our members and ensure that images and messaging are the same across all channels. This type of marketing is backed up by the data as it is believed that a consistent brand presentation increases revenue by up to 33% (Lucidpress, 2019).
NimbusMark utilizes current and modern technology including AI to help members track and assess the efficacy of the marketing campaigns. Each month all campaign members receive an email and a text to connect them with the data and analytics associated with their promotion. By incorporating AI into the tracking mechanisms of the campaigns, NimbusMark members can measure the reach and the return every single month on their marketing dollars. The analytics help to understand consumer behavior and serve as a tool to translate marketing efforts as they relate to conversion.
NimbusMark promotional campaigns start a conversation with potential clients and customers for your business. When the leads come in, members will need to respond to them in the same way they would when a call or inquiry otherwise comes into their business.
The industry-focused advertising campaigns run for one calendar year.
A QR code is a two-dimensional bar code that can be scanned using a cellular phone’s camera app. QR is short for Quick Response, and these codes work in a similar way to barcodes scanned in a retail store. They store information and data and, in our case, a link to a microsite.
After a potential client sees a NimbusMark advertisement with a QR code, they can open their camera app, scan the QR code, and will be immediately taken to the campaign’s custom microsite to contact your business directly.


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