Small Business Advertising 101: The Benefits of Brand Awareness for Small Businesses

Marketplaces are competitive spaces, and businesses need to ensure they stand out from the crowd to secure any form of meaningful success. There are myriad ways to approach this with a robust digital marketing strategy but building brand awareness is an integral component that cannot be overlooked.


What is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness is a specific marketing term that describes how familiar consumers are with the overall image and distinguishing qualities of a brand and its goods or services. Developing strong brand awareness is a crucial element of effective small business marketing. It is also essential to refresh an old brand, product or service, and promote a brand-new product or service. Brand awareness contributes to driving consumer decisions, particularly when differentiating the offerings being provided by competitor brands. In addition to influencing consumer purchasing choices, brand awareness also impacts repeat business, incremental sales, and an increased market share.


How Does Brand Awareness Contribute to a Successful Small Business Advertising Strategy?


Services and products that consistently uphold strong levels of brand awareness are more likely to effectively generate additional sales that will contribute to the business’s overall success. Consumers who are presented with a series of choices are ultimately more likely to choose a brand name they recognize than take what is often considered to be more of a risk by selecting an offering from an unfamiliar brand. 

It might help to view your brand as an opportunity to tell your audience a story – and not just any story. It should be a story only you can tell. Your brand isn’t just the products you sell, the services you provide, or the logo you have designed. It also encompasses the experience you provide to each and every one of your customers and the values you choose to uphold.


The Importance of Consistency

Building brand awareness isn’t something that will happen overnight. It takes between five and seven impressions [1] for consumers to successfully remember your brand. In real terms, this means that your audience will need to see and be able to understand who you are more than five times before they can form a meaningful connection with your business.


Successful small business advertising relies on consistency. Consistency ensures that your core message is always presented in the same tone of voice, alongside the same visual identity that makes your brand instantly recognizable. This repetition will eventually become ingrained in consumers’ minds, thereby ensuring that your brand is more likely to be the first one they think of when looking for the types of products or services you offer. 

In addition to increasing consumers’ familiarity with your brand, being consistent also increases how trustworthy you appear. After all, for consumers to trust your brand, they need to feel connected in some way. For this to happen, they need to feel as though they know who you are, what you do, and how you can positively impact their lives. Research indicates that more than 80% of consumers need to trust a brand [2] before they make a purchase.


The Consistent Potential of Traditional Media

Although we find ourselves in a digital-forward society, traditional media such as print ads and billboards are still be used to increase your share of the market and boost sales by ensuring your brand is consistently visible.  

Although print media no longer has the same level of influence it had even just a few short years ago, advertising in the right places can still positively impact the goals and objectives of your small business. If your business was preparing to start trading on an international level, placing a print advertisement in a financial magazine is likely to help you build brand awareness with potentially important investors.


Advertising inside retail environments can also drive results. Placing a product and its associated advertising materials at a point-of-sale (POS) within a physical store can encourage impulse purchases, leading to repeat business if the purchaser has an enjoyable experience. 

Suppose you are ready to explore the strategies you can employ to boost awareness of your brand and start to experience the myriad benefits increasing your visibility can deliver. In that case, NimbusMark has the knowledge and experience to develop a considered and robust strategy shaped to provide results that work hard for your small business. 

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