Small Business Advertising: Local Marketing Tips

Small Business Advertising: Local Marketing Tips

2020 was challenging for many small businesses, and now is the perfect moment to invest in creating a robust marketing strategy that includes a dedicated local marketing approach.

What is Local Marketing?

Local marketing tactics and strategies are designed to help businesses connect with a local audience. A local audience is generally defined as being made up of individuals located within a 50-mile radius of the business.

Local marketing is sometimes referred to as location-based marketing and will often include online geographical marketing and traditional offline marketing. When it comes to a local strategy’s online arm, local search engine optimization (SEO) plays a significant role in ensuring a business occupies a visible and robust ranking position in search results and online maps. Which is important because a substantial percentage of the customers a local business attracts are usually located within a few miles of their premises. 

Throughout 2020, increasing numbers of consumers turned to the digital space to find out whether local businesses were temporarily closed or operating on reduced hours. Those businesses with a regional marketing strategy ensured that they consistently presented their audiences with the most up-to-date information, which enhanced their reputation by prioritizing their customers’ needs and demonstrating a desire to keep people informed.

Build an Authentic Connection with a Local Audience

Although this point will sound incredibly obvious, local marketing is partly reliant on your ability to connect and engage authentically with your local community. The good news is that community engagement often does not require high levels of investment to yield results. Participating in seasonal events to connect with local charities and organizations are some ways you can establish a sense of goodwill within your community while also building awareness of your brand. 

It is also a good idea to engage with your local audience on their preferred social media platforms, local magazines and other print media. Including your location on your social media profiles, ensuring you are geotagging your posts and using relevant hashtags will help capture the attention of people in your area. Presenting them with tailored messaging will enhance your memorability and drive tangible outcomes.

Build Brand Awareness with Local Marketing Consistency

As with most marketing strategies, consistency is key to driving the meaningful results you want to see. Setting up and managing your Google My Business listing will ensure your establishment is visible on Google Maps and other important directories. Also, placing your advertising materials in the places your ideal audience spends a significant percentage of their time, meeting your audience where they have the potential to drive myriad positive outcomes for your business. 

 If you want to run a Google Ads campaign, this can also be tailored to reach a local audience. You can opt to remarket your brand to past customers within your local area, which could serve to remind them why they like your brand and encourage repeat business.

 Develop a Considered Sales Funnel for your Small Business Advertising Strategy

Your potential customers must always know what their next step should be. Developing a considered sales funnel will help you ensure that your small business advertising strategy is best placed to deliver the outcomes you want to see and give a good return on your investment (ROI). Creating a local email list, for example, can be an excellent way to deliver targeted email campaigns advertising personalized offers for local customers. This makes your local audience feel special and appreciated, and it is likely to increase engagement and encourage both new and repeat conversions.

Although marketing a local business is far from simple, it does not need to feel like a genuinely impossible task. To find out more about how NimbusMark products and services can help your small business streamline your marketing strategy and leverage local marketing’s hidden potential, schedule a personal consultation today.


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