The Value of Brand Impressions to a Small Business Advertising Strategy

Consumers are presented with thousands of different marketing messages every day. They are seeing them even when they don’t think they are. As a result, there are countless businesses like yours vying for the attention of the same audience. In the never-ending battle to secure consumer loyalty, you will find that engagement is the most effective tool you have.


What are brand impressions?

At the beginning of the brand-consumer relationship, impressions are everything. In short, impressions are the number of times your audience has been exposed to your advertisement. A single consumer can be responsible for more than one impression. You might have come across the term cost per thousand impressions (CPM). It is one of the ways the cost efficiency of your marketing strategy is be determined.


Why are brand impressions important to an effective small business advertising strategy?

Every single second, the human brain is processing up to 400 billion pieces of information. Of course, we are only consciously aware of a few thousand of those pieces of information, but if you are exposed to the same thing enough times, your brain will begin to become more familiar with it. So even when consumers don’t actively see branding or marketing messaging, they still see it. 

Keeping an eye on your impressions is an excellent way to evaluate your marketing campaign’s strength and health. A low number of impressions can indicate an issue that needs resolving.


At what point do brand impressions convert?

Every impression matters, and brands are all competing to make the right impression on their audience. The more times a consumer has been exposed to a product, logo, or message, the more likely they are to engage with the brand in a more meaningful way. For businesses, the key here is to create a series of positive touchpoints for engagement. 

Research from Forbes highlights the power of video. They found that more than 60% of consumers will purchase a product after engaging with a branded video on social media. So if you want to generate additional leads, creating engaging video content and sharing it on your most popular social channels can see your impressions soar.


 Why is consistency key?

There are countless experiences that a consumer can have with a brand, ranging from highly positive to unforgettably negative. It takes between five and seven impressions for consumers to actively remember your brand, so maintaining consistency is critical if you want your small business advertising strategy to drive meaningful outcomes and a strong return on investment (ROI). 

Because consistency plays such an integral role here, many small businesses find it beneficial to pursue a robust social media strategy to ensure that their audience is being provided with a dynamic brand image that will promote familiarity and confidence. 

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