When to Save and When to Spend: Small Business Advertising Costs Explained

When to Save and When to Spend: Small Business Advertising Costs Explained

It’s easy to spend money, much more difficult to save it. This is especially true for small businesses looking to advertise their business. There are many factors that go into advertising costs and each one has a different price tag attached to it.

With the right balance of saving and spending, you can find the perfect amount of marketing dollars that will increase your revenue without taking too big of a chunk out of your wallet.

Small Business Advertising Costs

Ultimately, small businesses need an effective marketing plan in place to increase revenue. Of course, it’s easy for small businesses to save money but difficult to spend even small amounts on advertising.

There are many small business advertising costs that you need to take into consideration when planning your small business marketing budget.

These include print advertisements, local newspapers, television ads, radio spots, and internet advertising.

Like other small businesses trying to get the most bang for their buck with these types of media outlets, you may be exploring how to save money on small business advertising costs.

When to Spend

If you’re wondering when to invest in ads,  the following are some examples of when small businesses should spend money on advertising:

  • During launches or major product updates
  • While marketing a special offer or discount, like Black Friday sales
  • To promote an event like product launch parties and industry conferences

When to Save

On the other hand, small businesses should save money on advertising when:

  • Marketing products that are already well known or have a steady customer base
  • Promoting everyday business activities like offering regular services and hour changes. This includes happy hours, new menu items, service promotions etc. There’s no need for small businesses to advertise small, everyday changes when customers already know they exist.
  • During seasonal lulls
  • When launching a new business concept or product line
  • During times of small business financial crisis, like bankruptcy or foreclosure.
  • When looking for a new small business loan or seeking to attract investors.

Reducing Advertising Costs

There are various ways to reduce small business advertising costs.

You can use collaborative or cooperative advertising to reduce small business advertising costs.

Cooperative advertising is one small business advertising cost that can help you to save some money. It’s also called collaborative advertising.

This is a good way for small businesses in the same niche or that serve the same customer base to promote each other’s products, services, and special offers at no cost.

Consult Small Business Advertising Agencies

Another way to cut down small business advertising costs is to consult small business advertising agencies.

These small businesses are experts at maximizing the return on investment (ROI) of various types of ads while still keeping small business marketing budgets in mind.

The small business marketing agencies offer small business ad packages that fit your needs.

For example, NimbusMark AI-Powered Advertising Solutions to help you reduce small business marketing costs.

Tell them your budget and discuss small business advertising plans.

They can help small businesses explore ways to reduce small business marketing costs and promote the best small business ads on a tight budget.

Get more impressions and leads by working with NimbusMark to advertise your small business at a significant cost discount.


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